Burner Technical Information


Safety Information
Failure to follow these instructions could result in a fire hazard. Use only with good quality essential oil. Burner is intended to be used with essential oil. Use with wax melt is not recommended.
• Never leave a burning candle unattended or move it when lit.
• Do not use for more than 4 hours per session.
• Only use with a good quality tea-light. Do not use with a maxi tea-light, votive or other candle.
• Keep the burner and tea-light out of the reach of children and pets.
• Do not burn the tea-light or leave the burner on or near anything that can catch fire.
• Ensure the burner is well ventilated. There must be at least 6.5cm of space above the flame within the burner.
• Keep foreign objects out of the wax pool.
• Keep the wick trimmed to 3-5mm and remove any carbon build up.
• The burner becomes very hot during use, do not touch or move whilst alight.
• Extinguish the tea-light if the flame becomes enlarged, makes contact with the burner, or begins to smoke.
• Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame. Once extinguished allow burner to cool before moving.
Direction for Use as Oil Burner
• Place the burner on a level, flat, cool, heat resistant surface away from draughts, other heat sources and flammable objects. If used on a non-heat resistant surface damage may occur if the burner is used without a protective plate, tray or similar product.
• Fill the bowl of the oil burner with water, half to two-thirds full.
• Using a dropper, add the fragrance oil. For a small bowl, add 3 to 5 drops.
• Light the tea candle at the bottom of the oil burner. The lighted tea candle heats the water and oil mixture in the bowl, creating an aroma.
• Pay attention to health and safety. Place the oil burner in a safe and stable place away from fire hazards like curtains. Keep it away from the reach of children as the hot oil and water mixture can cause burns.
Instructions above are applicable for the following products:
Name Barcode
Kushiro Owl Oil Burner 692456965035   
Kushiro Oil Burner Cactus 692456965059   
Kushiro Oil Burner Pineapple 692456965073   
Kushiro Classic Green Oil Burner 692456968746   
Kushiro Owl Green Oil Burner 692456968784   
Kushiro White Owl Oil Burner 692456968791   
Kushiro White Wide Owl Oil Burner 692456968807   
Kushiro Mini Owl Oil Burner 692456968814   
Kushiro Oval Oil Burner 692456968821   
Kushiro Oil Burner Flat Cactus 692456968838   
Kushiro Oil Burner Mini Owl 5051173574305   
Kushiro Oil Burner Circle 5051173574312   
Kushiro Oil Burner White 5051173574329   
Kushiro Oil Burner Two Tones 5051173574336