We have launched an exciting new rebrand!

We have launched an exciting new rebrand!

We have launched an exciting new rebrand!

Who are KENJI?

KENJI is an emerging platform that infuses modern East-Asian culture with a British twist, allowing consumers to socialise, play and shop simultaneously.

The vision of KENJI is to appeal to modern trends and subcultures by bridging the gap between the real and digital universe, creating an interconnected future where KENJI hosts a plethora of physical and digital services.

Why have we rebranded?

This year, we have reinvented our branding to align closer to our design ethos of fun, playful, modern and engaging.

Our previous look, with primary colours of red and white had a more traditional feel. A lot has changed since 2014, where we started as a brand which was centred around products that were functional and practical. Our ranges, as well as our stores, have expanded to include design-led experiences that focus on exploration and adventure.

Our new primary colours represent Creativity and Discovery and align with our new, more modern identity.


The new primary colours are incorporated into the shapes derived from the silhouettes of the core Tiny-K characters. This rebrand has been reflected across our existing stores, you will notice a change in store signage and in-store branding over the year.


New Store Concept

Going forward, our new retail concept will see future KENJI Store’s be assigned their own character. This can already be seen in recent store launches, with the likes of KENJI Merry Hill and KENJI Trafford Centre. Both of which have their own assigned Tiny-K character that have been brought to life on an exaggerated scale throughout the store’s central features.

KENJI Trafford Centre - Oppy Character Installation

KENJI has evolved into a wonderfully bright and colourful community and we think it’s time our branding reflected this. This is the rebrand you deserve ✨

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