Novelty Eraser Technical Information

Product Information
Eraser Assortment: Character-based erasers in a variety of colours and realistic animal shapes such as teddy bears, lizards, puppys, lions, cows, birds, ladybugs, frogs, penguins, hippos, ducks, elephants, sea lions, dolphins, pigs, cats, dinosaur eggs, horses, zebras, etc. Each mini erasers is made out of non-toxic material and measures about 1 or 2 inches.
Instructions for use:
(1) Choking Hazard - Not suitable for children for children under 3 years due to Small Parts
(2) This is a non-food item. Do not consume
(3) Adult supervision is recommended when in use
(4) Exercise caution when removing the packaging as edges may be sharp
Instructions above are applicable for the following products:
Name Barcode
Gen Banana Eraser Set 6949029916081   
Gen Banana Eraser 6949029914643   
Gen Sushi Eraser 6949029916937   
Gen Wild Eraser 6949029917125   
Gen Marine Life Eraser 6949029917132   
Gen Dessert Eraser 6949029917170   
Gen Bowling Eraser 6949029917385   
Gen Xmas Eraser 6949029917422   
Gen Dino Eraser 6949029917521   
Gen Fruit Eraser 6949029917583   
Gen Fastfood Eraser 6949029917590   
Gen Tool Eraser 6949029917408   
Gen Whale Eraser 6949029917651   
Gen Sakura Eraser Single 6949029922228   
Gen Cactus Eraser 6949029917187   
Gen Carrot Eraser 6949029916951   
Gen Carrot Mechanical Eraser 6949029922266   
Gen Vege Mechanical Eraser 6949029917231   
Gen Carrot Eraser Regular 6949029923102   
Gen Peach Eraser Set 6949029920330   
Gen Sakura Eraser Set 6949029917644   
Gen Vehicle Eraser 6949029922402